At  FLIPEX MIAMI  we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to our clients and their families in the challenging experience of investing and settling in the United States.

Our mission is to help our investors and their families transform their dreams into clear, concrete and achievable objectives so that they can enjoy a new way of living and earning money in the USA.

How do we do it? 

We enhance our personal experience of having emigrated to the United States, with our professional training, knowledge of the North American market, innovative management processes, cutting-edge digital tools and strategic alliances with experienced professionals, guaranteeing compliance with business plans, heritage protection from our investors and obtaining immigration status for those who wish to reside in the United States.

We accompany our clients by providing comprehensive solutions focused on their main needs and objectives:

Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties in the USA.
Fix & Flip: purchase, remodeling and sale or rental of multi-family properties.
Immigration legal advice (E-2, EB-5 and L-1 visas).
Creation and presentation of business plans for commercial and immigration purposes.
Creation of companies (LLC AND Corporations).
Trademark registration in the USPTO (United Estates Patents and Trademark Office).
Opening of personal and corporate bank accounts.
Remodeling, spare parts and interior design.
Property management.
Legal assistance in the purchase of properties (real estate title guarantee).
Acquisition or opening of franchises and businesses.
Annual settlement of personal and corporate taxes.
Advice on the management of mortgage credits and loans.

We know in first person the concerns and feelings that immigrating or investing in another country implies  and  we are here to help you  walk that path. Contact Us and began to  enjoy the benefits of investing  and living in America. 



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