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foto casa dia de sol 8 Pasos a seguir para comprar una propiedad en USA

There is a wide variety of properties, condos, buildings, prices and locations to buy a property in the United States. It is essential to have reliable advice when acquiring or selling a property to avoid over prices or a non-profitable sale.

What is the benefit of buying a rental property in the United States?

Profitability in dollars.
Annual capitalization between 3-5% at the time of sale.
Legal certainty (an eviction takes a maximum of 3 months).
Security deposits in dollars. 
Annual contracts with the possibility of monthly renewal and / or cancellation. 
With no deed cost, real estate fees are paid by the seller. 

FLIPEX MIAMI  accompanies you in the process: 

Representation in the purchase and sale of properties. 
Brokerage services and real estate agent. 
Design of publications and advertising of properties. 
Property management. 
Property valuation. 
Title insurance management.
Property inspection.
Monthly rent collection. 

At FLIPEX MIAMI a team of specialized real estate agents will provide you advice according to the needs and objectives of our clients. We will lead purchase and sale negotiations focused on maximizing profits and reducing costs in real estate operations.




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