Invest in multi-family properties in Miami at low risk and high returns in dollars.

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Shares, bonds, gold, cryptocurrencies or properties? Risk or safety? These are some of the usual questions investors and families ask when investing their capital and savings. As investment advisers we know that all extremes are bad and that is why we develop a business model that combines high profitability with low risk.

Our proposal to invest in Miami: 

Multi flipping, is an innovative concept that enhances the traditional Fix & Flip based on the purchase, remodeling and sale or lease of properties with a mechanism for strategic selection of multi-family properties with remodeling potential, thus achieving a higher return on invested capital.

How is the proccess? 

Selection of properties with potential.
 Economic-financial analysis.
Remodeling proposal.
Property purchase.


Recondition of the structure.
Interior and exterior repairs.
Adjustment of details and finishes.



Selecton of tenants or potential buyers.
Process of renting or selling the property.


Rent collection.
Monthly payment of services.
Repairs and maintenance.
Insurance hiring.


¿Why to invest in Multi flipping?  

Adding value to a property outside condos or buildings that have high maintenance costs and expenses (In the USA they are paid by the owner), allows our investors to participate in a business with low risk and high profitability in dollars.

It is not necessary to have 100% of the capital. It can be done with a partner or manage a mortgage loan. As a bonus,  this model allows to apply to the E2 visa for investors and to reside in the United States.

Invest in multi-family properties in Miami with low risk and high dollar returns

How do we achieve our profitability objectives? 

Our experienced real estate business development team works closely with the investor, contractors and architects at each stage of the project, guaranteeing objectives achievement.

The key to success in this business lies in enhancing the income of the chosen property by increasing the rental income and / or its resale value.

How do we add value?

Complete renewal of the units to increase the rental value.
Addition of more housing units obtaining more contracts.
Addition of meters of construction to enhance the sale value of the property. 
Subdivision of the existing structure to obtain more quantity of housing units.

In order to determine if any of the above or all alternatives are viable, our team performs an in- depth analysis of the property’s building structure and the reforms permitted under the building code of the land, and simulates a business case to assess the viability of the project.


At FLIPEX MIAMI we search, purchase, remodel and sell or rent properties so that our clients can focus on the profitability in dollars of their investments.




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