Be the owner of your future, achieve the dream of being your own boss and live in the United States.

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Starting your own business in the United States can be an exciting and challenging project, so it is essential to know the characteristics of the market, permits, regulations and steps to be followed to achieve your goals.

To minimize risks and maximize results, the best alternative for investors with little experience in an area or market is to establish of a franchise or to acquire an operating goodwill.


At FLIPEX MIAMI we develop strategic alliances with successful franchises from different sectors in the United States, which allow us to offer our investors agile start-up businesses, with excellent returns on investment and ongoing management support.

We also have business analysts who advise our investors in the purchase of goodwill and operating businesses.


The main advantage of acquiring an operating business is that the investor inherits the brand, its processes, clients and invoicing that the business currently generates.

There are multiple opportunities associated with goodwill that are for sale generally because their owners have reached their goals and decide to retire.

At FLIPEX MIAMI we search, analyze and propose this type of business according to the needs, expectations and experience of our clients and we collaborate with the transition from their current owners to new ones.

 What benefits do franchises or businesses provide in the United States? 

Profitability in dollars. 
Flexible HR structure (without severance payment costs).
Support in the organization, execution and monitoring of the business.
Low taxes.
Long-term projection.
Legal certainty.


At FLIPEX MIAMI we recommend these business alternatives to foreign investors who wish to apply for E-2 and EB-5 visas with the aim of residing in the United States, since it meets the requirements that the immigration department demands and does not require such a high capital.




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