Profitability in dollars, legal certainty and long-term projection.

Invertir en USA invertir en Estados Unidos comprá inmuebeles en Miami

The United States is the country of opportunities and has earned that reputation for its pro-market policies that support investors and companies, allowing them to project in the long term, with clear and predictable rules of the game.

With just 5% of the world population, the USA generates an annual GDP of more than 20 trillion dollars, which places the country at the top of the global economic ranking. This phenomenon is leveraged in the consumption generated by its inhabitants, which reaches a third of world production.

In contrast, the economic and political challenges facing the vast majority of countries in the world are increasing. The lack of clear rules for investors, the lack of institutions that guarantee legal certainty, corruption and economic-financial instability have wreaked havoc in regions such as Latin America where its main investors are fleeing towards the containment of the North American country.

What are the benefits of investing in the USA?

Low taxes.
Profitability in dollars.
Legal security.
Little bureaucracy.
There is no compensation for employees.
Long-term capitalization of investments.
Annual inflation less than 3%.
There are no devaluations like in Latin America.
Infrastructure at the service of business.
Long-term predictability.

Where do foreigners invest?

There are different investment alternatives in the United States, however, the most popular among foreign investors for their economic and immigration benefits are:

Multi flipping: An innovative concept that enhances the traditional Fix & Flip based on the purchase, remodeling and sale or rental of properties with a mechanism for strategic selection of multi-family properties achieving a greater return on invested capital.

Property is: There is a great variety of properties , condos, buildings, prices and areas where to buy a property in the United States, for this reason it is essential to have reliable advice when acquiring or selling a property to avoid over prices or a bad sale that may affect the investor’s income.

Franchises and Businesses: The acquisition of goodwill or opening franchises are one of the preferred investments by foreigners who decide to settle in the country since it allows them a quick job opportunity at the helm of their own business, minimizing risks thanks to the know how acquired by franchisors or owners.

Regional investment centers : Regional investment centers are projects carried out by state-funded private capital to grant the benefit of applying to the EB-5 visa, which allows you to process permanent residence or Green Card.

Why choose FLIPEX MIAMI?

We provide a personalized comprehensive service accompanying our clients throughout the investment process. Our business plans are based on sustainable profitability, so we focus our strategic resources on maximizing income and guaranteeing long-term business stability.



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