Your family’s future may be the one you always dreamed of.

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The mythical American dream is a desire that year after year is pursued by families, young entrepreneurs and even consecrated couples who seek to improve their quality of life in a more comfortable, safe and stable environment.

One of the states with the highest immigration is Florida, Miami being the city of choice for foreigners given the warm climate that accompanies throughout the year, its beautiful beaches, its constantly growing economy and the variety of residential areas where it is based.

Living in the USA has multiple advantages for foreigners who decide to reside in the country, whether their children can access free public education, acquire their homes with 30-year loans, apply for leasing to purchase vehicles, or work legally in internationally renowned companies.

This migratory trend continues to rise year after year thanks to the country’s institutional transparency, its clear rules of the game and the predictability that it has developed over decades with policies focused on granting benefits to foreign investors who try to protect their capital or lifelong savings and reside in USA.

How to emigrate to the United States?

Foreigners who wish to live in the USA can apply for a visa that allows them to enter the country and subsequently obtain legal immigration status. There are different types of visas that vary according to requirements and benefits, although they all have a common pattern and that is that they depend on an investment by the applicant.


E-2: I opened your own company and lived in the USA.
EB-5: The fastest and most efficient way to obtain permanent residence in the United States.
L-1: The smart alternative for companies, executives and managers.

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What type of investments must I make to apply for a visa in the United States?

There are different ways to transform your dreams into concrete and achievable goals. Whether through investments in highly profitable properties in dollars, opening or acquisition of franchises and businesses, or investments in regional investment funds. Each alternative has different benefits and requirements depending on the investor’s objectives, his family and available capital.

Can I travel with my family?

All visas contemplate the possibility that applicants reside in the United States with their direct dependents (Spouse and children under the age of 21). In both cases, they obtain work and study permits, respectively, which allows them to carry out their lives normally.

Why choose FLIPEX MIAMI?

All FLIPEX MIAMI members have emigrated to the United States from Latin America, so we understand the challenge of leaving your country, the affections and the security of what is known. For this reason, we propose to accompany you on this tour, giving you professional, technical and emotional support in each of the stages, making this exciting life project a pleasant and safe journey.



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