Cuanto cuesta vivir en Miami

How much does it cost to live in Miami?

When it comes to emigrating to the United States, Miami is one of the most wanted cities by Latin Americans. One of the most frequently asked questions of future residents is How much does it cost to Live in Miami? and to help them we are going to explain several factors: SALARY : The average salary for the state […]

8 Pasos a seguir para comprar una propiedad en USA

8 Steps to follow to buy a property in USA

8 Steps to follow to buy a property in USA: The United States property market is the largest in the world. The tranquility that the dollar brings, the annual capitalization of properties, legal certainty and high profitability in relation to other countries are some of the reasons that place it at the top. Foreigners can easily […]

The best neighborhoods in Miami to live

The best neighborhoods in Miami to live

The best neighborhoods in Miami to live: When evaluating the possibility of living in South Florida, we began to ask ourselves what would be the best areas to live in Miami. If there is something fascinating about “Greater Miami” it is that it has something for all tastes, styles and budgets. Let’s see some of the […]

Las 10 franquicias más elegidas en Estados Unidos

The 10 most chosen franchises in the United States

Franchises are one of the most successful business models that Latino entrepreneurs turn to when thinking about living in the United States thanks to their profitability, easy start-up of the business and continuous support throughout the contract. The franchises require an initial investment to start trading investment business and a key franchise for the representation of a […]

que lugares visitar en Miami

What places to visit in Miami?

South beach Although Miami has an endless list of beaches, the most famous is probably South Beach. It is an extensive beach with white sand and shallow and calm crystal clear waters, it also has shops and good restaurants. South Beach has this important position in Miami due to the great energy it exudes, its […]


Study in the United States

In the United States, education is compulsory for all students up to the age of 16.  One of the main advantages of Living in the United States is that American students who attend public schools do not pay fees from the 1st to the 12th grade, that is, they are totally free and everyone has the possibility of having access to […]




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