8 Pasos a seguir para comprar una propiedad en USA

8 Steps to follow to buy a property in USA

8 Steps to follow to buy a property in USA:

The United States property market is the largest in the world. The tranquility that the dollar brings, the annual capitalization of properties, legal certainty and high profitability in relation to other countries are some of the reasons that place it at the top.

Foreigners can easily buy houses or apartments in the USA, the process is quick since it can take around 30 days. The requirements to buy a home can vary according to the state in which you are looking for.

The steps to buy the house in the United States:

1. Contact a specialized Real Estate Agent with an active license to operate in the USA.

2. Carry out a detailed search of properties, taking into account important factors such as: location, price, condition of the property, neighborhood security, commodities, nearby schools, etc.

3. Have the necessary documents to make the purchase. You must have a Visa as a business or tourist.

4. Have the necessary capital to buy the house. There are mortgage loans for foreigners that require only a 30% advance.

5. Make an offer for the property that interests you and request the inspection period for its evaluation.

6. Review the legal and financial status of the home, we recommend consulting with your real estate agent or a lawyer specialized in the subject.

7. Sign a purchase agreement and make a deposit. It is usually 10% of the purchase price.

8. Sign the contract and make the pending payments. To make it easier, it is convenient that you open a dollar account at a bank in the United States, although transfers can be made from a bank abroad.

If you are not a resident, it is recommended that your real estate agent have the property management service to enjoy your rent without having to worry.

It should be noted that the fact of buying a property does not give them access to the residence, for that there are other options to live in the United States.

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8 Steps to follow to buy a property in USA

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