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What is the minimum wage in Miami and the United States?

FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE IN THE UNITED STATES 2020 In the United States, Congress sets a minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act, known as FLSA.  The federal government establishes the minimum hourly wage, and also its exceptions for tipped workers, apprentices, interns etc. 29 of its 52 states have established a minimum wage that is […]


What is it like to live in Miami?

Living in one of the most coveted cities in the world has its good and bad things. In this note we will try to detail some of the most important points when deciding what city you want to live in the United States and explain the good and the bad of Living in Miami. Advantages of Living […]


What are the benefits of opening your business in the USA?

If you are thinking of doing business with companies or clients located in the USA, the best option is to have a company based in the United States. Creating your own company will allow you to import products into the country, open bank accounts or register your brand. These are some of the essential requirements to run a […]


Purchase of properties in the USA with mortgage loans for foreigners

Florida continues to be a magnet for foreign investors. According to the latest statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 21 percent of sales in the State measured in dollars came from international buyers. However, only 27 percent of these operations were carried out with credit. Buying a property in the United States with a mortgage or loan […]


Why do Latinos prefer to invest in Miami?

The city of Miami has numerous attractions for Latino investors. Its tropical climate, the shopping malls, the great variety of commercial premises, the nightlife and the possibility of meeting someone who speaks Spanish are some of the reasons, but there are many more. Latinos invest in Miami mainly to protect their wealth, obtain profitability in dollars, […]


Buy a property in Miami is easy, accessible and profitable

The properties for sale in Miami are a perfect combination of profitability and security for Latinos who want to protect their savings and decide to look towards a city that does not stop growing. The top five countries that lead purchases in the real estate sector with respect to investments made in Miami are: Brazil (12%), Colombia […]




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