What are the benefits of opening your business in the USA?

If you are thinking of doing business with companies or clients located in the USA, the best option is to have a company based in the United StatesCreating your own company will allow you to import products into the country, open bank accounts or register your brand. These are some of the essential requirements to run a company in the United States.

It is also important to highlight the facilities that American companies have to conduct business with the rest of the planet since they have the backing of the world’s number one economy.

There are different corporate alternatives to open a company in the United States such as corporations, LLC (Limited Liability Company), LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), etc. However, LLC is the most common legal form in the United States, in addition there is no minimum capital and it has very favorable tax conditions and its creation takes no more than 2 weeks.

Advantages of opening an LLC in the United States:

Corporate flexibility and versatility. 

To own an LLC, you do not need to reside in the USA, nor be a US citizen or resident, nor do you have a North American partner within the company. You can continue living in your country of origin and generate business in the United States without even traveling. The entire process is done digitally.

Access to the banking system.

A company or LLC in the US will give you access to the largest and safest banking, economic and financial system in the world. It is essential to have a bank account in the USA to be able to charge your clients, pay suppliers and pay taxes.

Limited liability.

Owners, also known as members of an LLC, are not responsible as individuals for companies’ debts and legal liabilities, but they do have the benefit of paying income tax only once.

Tax limitation.

Owners are not subject to double taxation. This differs from corporations, which pay corporate taxes on their net earnings and then when the corporation distributes the earnings to the shareholders, they have to pay the dividend taxes received. In an LLC the profits go directly to the owners, who pay the taxes individually.

Simple constitution.

Less procedures are required to open an LLC than other types of companies, the process takes only a few days, although the time may vary depending on the state where they are incorporated. We can help you incorporate your company in any state here

Reduced corporate formalities.

Corporations must regularly hold meetings of the board of directors and shareholders, keep written corporate minutes and annual reports with the State. Furthermore, LLCs are not required to comply with this set of procedures on a mandatory basis, so their members and managers do not need to hold regular meetings which reduces complications, red tape and paperwork.

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