What is it like to live in Miami?

Living in one of the most coveted cities in the world has its good and bad things. In this note we will try to detail some of the most important points when deciding what city you want to live in the United States and explain the good and the bad of Living in Miami.

Advantages of Living in Miami:

Coastal city with a warm and humid climate that comes from the Gulf of Mexico Current. Miami’s temperature ranges between 10.6 ° C and 25 ° C in January and between 29 ° C and 35 ° C between May and October.

The second language of the city is Spanish. According to a national census, Spanish is spoken by almost 70% of the population, so you should not learn another language in order to communicate, although we recommend that you understand and learn English to live there.

It is a fairly safe and quiet place. According to various published studies, the chances of you being robbed on the street are 1 in 200 throughout your life, and the chances of suffering a robbery in your house of 1 in 30.

The process to rent a house is simple and the offer is very high. The average monthly rental price is U$D 1,600 depending on the size of the property: 1 room: U$D 1,300; 2 rooms: U$D 1,600; 3 rooms: U$D 2,200. Most contracts that are signed are for 12 months, but it is also possible to find people who rent the apartment with a 6-month contract, or even from month to month.

Primary and secondary education is public, as in the entire United States.

It is one of the cleanest cities in the USA. Due to its concern for tourism and its image. They chose it among the top 5 for its low pollution, its drinking water and its numerous green spaces.

It is the first cruise passenger port in the world and has a privileged geographical location.

It is easy to get a job in the tourism sector (restaurant, hotels, shops, etc.) because the offer is so extensive.

The city has a wide variety of sporting events and music festivals throughout the year.

Disadvantages of living in Miami:

It is common for people to be late. Traffic can be made difficult by the large number of cars circulating on the streets, due to the size of the city.

From June to November you should pay attention to the weather forecast while enjoying the summer heat and prepare for any bad weather alerts, since the city is prone to severe storms due to its tropical climate.

Florida public transportation is not the best, however freeways, avenues, and streets are impeccable. Buying a new or used car is relatively easy and possible for any pocket. In the market there are new cars from U $ D9,000 with financing of zero dollars down payment, and interest close to 2% for 5 years.

Private education is expensive. Although there is a wide variety of public institutions, you will have to make an extra effort to access private education.

Beware of fines. Controls for driving while intoxicated or breaking driving rules are very strict. The city has one of the highest fines in the country.

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