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What is the minimum wage in Miami and the United States?


In the United States, Congress sets a minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act, known as FLSA. 

The federal government establishes the minimum hourly wage, and also its exceptions for tipped workers, apprentices, interns etc. 29 of its 52 states have established a minimum wage that is higher than the federal one and that it compulsorily applies within their territories. On the other hand, 44 cities and counties have raised the minimum wages they apply in their territories above the minimums set by the federal government and their states.


The Florida minimum wage is currently $ 8.56 per hour , although there are some exceptions for businesses that hire tipped employees and meet the eligibility requirements for the tip credit under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) . In these cases, employers can count tips as wages under the FLSA. Regardless, the employer must pay tipped team members directly a wage that as of January 1, 2020, is $ 5.54 per hour plus tips.

¿ What are the differences between the US and the other countries of America?

The difference between the level of income per inhabitant of the countries of North America in relation to the rest of the continent is very marked. We leave you this comparative table with the minimum income by country so that they can measure the differences that exist in the region: 

Latin American countries according to their monthly minimum wage in 2020
Country Minimum monthly salary (in dollars, at official rate)
Canada 1664
U.S 1256
Costa Rica 547
Ecuador 400
Chile 391
Guatemala 389
Uruguay 387
Paraguay 323
Bolivia 307
Honduras 271
Panama 268
Peru 262
Argentina 240
Colombia 2. 3. 4
The Savior 203
Brazil 192
Dominican rep 183
Mexico 163
Nicaragua 124
Haiti 60
Cuba fifteen
Venezuela two

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