Enjoy your rent in dollars without worries or obstacles.

Investment in properties in Miami has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to its excellent profitability, low risk and capitalization, making it one of the favorites for both local and foreign investors.

However, success in this type of investment depends on multiple variables, including property management that covers various activities such as the choice of tenants, monthly rent collection, repairs and maintenance, payment of services and taxes which can be a complex task, that directly impacts profitability if it is not performed efficiently.

What services do we provide? 

Brokerage services and real estate agent. 
Design of publications and adverticements. 
Pre-selection of tenants and background analysis. 
Preparation of rental contracts.
Insurance hiring (civil liability, fire and natural disasters). 
Registration and monthly payment of services (electricity, gas, water, garbage collection).
Monthly maintenance (repairs, gardening and cleaning).
Monthly rent collection. 
Annual payment of real estate tax.
Monthly report of expenses and income.

At  FLIPEX MIAMI  we provide a comprehensive solution in property management prioritizing the safety, profitability and comfort of our clients.




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