Remodel your house and exploit its full potential.

Whether it is to improve the sale price of a property or just for the modernization of your home, remodeling can be an exciting, fun and profitable activity.

However, when you have no experience in the area, mistakes might cost a lot of time and money.

Key concepts when choosing a contractor: 

Comprehensive solutions to problems must be offered. 
Compliance in the estimated time of work.
Alternatives and variety of materials.
Aesthetic details and finishes. 

What kind of remodeling do we do?

Comprehensive remodeling of properties. 
Modernization of bathrooms and kitchens. 
Repair and change of ceilings and slabs.
Updating of the electrical system, pipes and drains.
Laying of floors, baseboards and windows.
Wall repair, plastering and painting.

At FLIPEX MIAMI we work with experienced contractors, suppliers and construction professionals with a vast experience in the are, which allows us to perform quality works, with times according to plan, prioritizing the income of our clients.




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